Noptilus 1 in the water
18 July 2013

During this day we were expecting to operate on the Setúbal harbor entrance, but the weather conditions forced us to change our plans. The dense morning fog didn't allow for safe maneuvering inside the channel, so we decided to stay close to Sesimbra for the last day tests.

Camera operator collecting AUV images
17 July 2013

The morning of the 17th was reserved for the media demonstrations. To that end, several news teams joined us on board Bacamarte.

AUV successfull recovery
16 July 2013

The hope today was to do prolonged UAV tests while simultaneous AUV operations with T-REX. On reaching the outskirts of the Setubal channel rely by 10am, the Xtreme 2 AUV with T-REX was deployed immediately.

Deploying Xtreme 2
15 July 2013

Taking advantage of the morning lull in the winds we launched X8-02 with the IR camera. This outside the Setubal channel in 40m depth after a 45 minute commute on the Bacamarte.

Frédéric Py
14 July 2013

With the week's hectic activities onboard the Bacamarte and at the Alfeite Navy base in the evenings (and often late at night), the PIs decided that it was wise to give everyone a break and 'stand down' for the day.

X8 seen from Bacamarte and diver in the water
13 July 2013

Saturday was incrementally eventful especially for UAV flights. The Noptilus AUV did a sidescan survey near shore of the Sesimbra harbor.

Wavy being dragged by the current
12 July 2013

Repeated sidescan and multi-beam surveys to find dummy packages and 'Oscar' for the maritime authorities failed till the third try. To acquires these targets we slowed down the Noptilus AUV to 0.5 m/s to get higher resolution with more data points. Third time was the lucky one.

Kanna and Leira testing the camera
11 July 2013

Thursday the 11th was an eventful day with complex choreography with multiple assets in the water and air, sometimes simultaneously. NRP Bacamarte resembled a real operational floating mission control central with hectic and non-stop activity.

Unloading at the harbor
10 July 2013

On Wednesday July 10th, the AUV team split to preform varying operations in the harbor as also further away from shore.

Noptilus 1
09 July 2013

Today, the UAV team achieved a significant milestone with continued smooth launch and recovery operations of the X8.