Xtreme 2 and Noptilus 1

03 July 2013

Xtreme 2 and Noptilus 1 are two autonomous vehicles developed by LSTS - Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory to collect data at sea as well as to perform security and surveillance operations.

Both vehicles are equipped with side scan sonar, DVL sonar (Doppler Velocity Log, which measures the velocity relative to the sea bottom and water column) and environmental CTD sensors (conductivity, temperature and depth). Xtreme 2 has also a photographic camera. On the other hand, Noptilus 1 has a multibeam sonar (for precision bathymetry) and a tactical grade IMU giving it a more precise location capability.

These last weeks, Iridium transmitters were installed on both vehicles and are now being tested.

During REP 13 these vehicles will collect data in the area surrounding Mola-Mola fish, improving our knowledge about the fish's life cycle.


  • Xtreme 2
  • Noptilus 1
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