Departing for Sesimbra

07 July 2013
Loading Xtreme 2

On Sunday July 7th we made final preparations for the trip down to Sesimbra, our first location for engineering related tests. The AUV's Xtreme 2, Noptilus 1, UAV's X8-00, X8-01, X8-02, various Manta communication gateways, the UAV launch/recovery hardware, the LBL (Long Base Line) were all packed into a small rented van which was driven down by LSTS team members. Meanwhile the fish tags were being continuously tested by Nuno Queiroz, with a couple also prepared for the trip.

After a short stop at Monestary of Batalha (where Portugal's most illustrious son, Infante Henriques. better known in the English speaking world as 'Prince Henry the Navigator', rests), we arrived at Sesimbra around 1630 to unload all the material onto the ship NRP Bacamarte of the Portuguese Navy. Initial preparations were made for the following morning, with the day ending with a debrief, to verify the daily task list and to confirm plans, team arrangements and task distribuition for the next day.

Back at FEUP, UPorto, a small team stayed to continue to work on building more tags to attach to Sunfish at Olhão.


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